Due to the widespread disruptions of Title VI programming caused by the COVID-19 emergency (including but not limited to staff shortages, meal site closures and increased client load), combined with the fact that the project period of the FY17-19 grants ends 3/31/20, ACL has approved all FY17-19 Title VI grants to be extended until 12/31/21. This means that all Title VI Part A/B (Nutrition and Supportive Services) and Title VI Part C (Caregiver Services) and NSIP (Nutrition Services Incentive Program) grants that were set to expire on 3/31/20 will not expire until 12/31/21. No action is necessary on the grantee’s part. You will receive a new notice of award in mid- to late-April with your revised award amount and revised project period end date. Reporting terms and conditions will also be updated.

**Grantees who have already submitted no-cost extensions to ACL do not need to take any additional action. All FY19 grants—regardless of previous no-cost or liquidation extension requests--will have their award extended to 12/31/21.

We apologize for this late-breaking change in policy, and to grantees who have done the hard work of submitting a previous no-cost extension. We hope this change in policy will reduce the workload on already overburdened Title VI directors and improve services to the elders.