The Title VI Nutrition Program is designed to help keep elders healthy and functional at home in their communities.  To accomplish this, the Older Americans Act (OAA) specifies nutrition requirements including adherence to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 and the Dietary Reference Intakes. In addition, the OAA requires adherence to state, local, tribal food safety and sanitation requirements or the Food Code of the Food and Drug Administration which is used by Indian Health Service.  There are a variety of tools including books and software products available to help Tribes accomplish these tasks.  The first tool is a basic quantity food production book which allows programs to produce meals of consistent quality in a safe way, using recipes that are time-tested.  Using information from a quantity food production book allows programs to individualize food selections, and menus to meet elders’ preference as well as help keep menus within budget constraints.  A basic text is recommended.

Computer software is available to calculate the nutrient value of meals, assist in producing meals through recipe analysis, recipe scaling, and costing as well as to assist in scheduling meal delivery and record keeping.

This document recommends a quantity food production book and provides tables on nutrient analysis software, foodservice production software and meal delivery software. View the Food Service Software Considerations for Title VI here.