Cynthia says, “Are you involved in discussions about the ICDBG Program for your Tribe? Funds can be used towards senior facilities, long-term care facilities, housing construction. Get involved!”

Community Development Block Grant (ICDBG) Program for Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages
Grants for the development of Indian and Alaska Native communities, including new housing construction; housing rehabilitation; land acquisition to support new housing; green energy projects; mold remediation; homeownership assistance; public service facilities such as healthcare entities, child care facilities, and employment-related agencies; economic development; and microenterprise programs.

Cynthia says, “Advocate for oral health care for our tribal Elders! These statistics are horrible. Total health care is directly affected by poor oral health. No one should not be able to chew or eat because of poor teeth or no teeth!”

The Oral Health Crisis Among Native Americans
Describes use of dental health aide therapists to help alleviate the lack of access to dental services among American Indian and Alaska Native populations.