Older Indians Fall 2020 Newsletter— November 18, 2020

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NICOA and AARP Webinar:  Why Every Elder Vote Counts— October 1, 2020

Join the National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) and AARP as we prepare to play our part in an historic United States presidential election. NICOA will be holding a live, national webinar about “Why Every Elder Vote Counts” on October 1 at 1-4 p.m. EST.  Learn about the history of American Indian and Alaska Native voting rights, hear from AARP on voter engagement, learn ways to vote safely, reflect on the barriers facing Native people and what can be done to overcome those barriers.  Discussions on the importance of advocacy, data, census, and financial security wrap up an information packed three-hour session. Arm yourself with strategies to make your vote count during this pivotal period in our history.  Learn more here.

Older Indians Summer 2020 Newsletter— August 18, 2020

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Transportation Quick Guide Update— July 8, 2020

The National Center for Applied Transit Technology (N-CATT) has a new website (https://n-catt.org/), and it has been added to the Transportation Quick Guide (please click here to download the revised guide that can help your Title VI program fulfill its transportation needs).  N-CATT offers technical assistance and provides small-urban, rural, and tribal transit agencies with practical solutions and resources for their transportation programs.

Title VI National Conference for 2020 Canceled— June 3, 2020

On May 8, 2020, ACL made the decision to cancel the National 2020 Title VI Conference that was planned for August 17-21, 2020 in Reno.  The decision was made after carefully watching the impact of the pandemic, and seeing other federal and national agencies canceling events.  Our first priority is the safety of Title VI network, so we will cancel.  We will look to get back to our on-site cluster trainings and our conference when it is safe to do so.

New On-Farm Market Directory Project— May 28, 2020

The Office for American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian Programs (OAIANNHP) has launched a project to help develop a searchable list of American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian farmers willing to sell direct-to-consumers through the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) On-Farm Market Directory.  On-farm markets are defined as being managed by a single farm operator that either sells products on their farm, or on a property next to their farm.  OAIANNHP has developed a quick, easy application for farmers of federally recognized tribes.  Please read about the potential benefits of this project below and visit our dedicated web page for additional information.

Developing a searchable list through USDA’s Directory may benefit Title VI programs in the following ways:

• It may help Title VI programs by ensuring there is always a viable marketplace available to find and purchase fresh, in season products to serve to their elders while simultaneously supporting their local economies.
• Some farmers may offer traditional foods that would be difficult to find otherwise.  Building this list will help Title VI programs search and locate these culturally important, nutritious foods.
• It may provide Title VI programs with a reliable, alternative source of local food vendors in times of crisis or economic instability.
• Applying through OAIANNHP will ensure farmers are properly identified and searchable by Title VI programs in USDA’s Directory by one of the following keywords:  American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian.
• This project may result in the creation of more targeted directories for Title VI programs.

Older Indians Spring 2020 Newsletter— April 23, 2020

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URGENT:  No-Cost Extensions Approved for All FY17-19 Title VI Grants Until 12/31/21

Due to the widespread disruptions of Title VI programming caused by the COVID-19 emergency (including but not limited to staff shortages, meal site closures and increased client load), combined with the fact that the project period of the FY17-19 grants ends 3/31/20, ACL has approved all FY17-19 Title VI grants to be extended until 12/31/21. This means that all Title VI Part A/B (Nutrition and Supportive Services) and Title VI Part C (Caregiver Services) and NSIP (Nutrition Services Incentive Program) grants that were set to expire on 3/31/20 will not expire until 12/31/21. No action is necessary on the grantee’s part. You will receive a new notice of award in mid- to late-April with your revised award amount and revised project period end date. Reporting terms and conditions will also be updated.

**Grantees who have already submitted no-cost extensions to ACL do not need to take any additional action. All FY19 grants—regardless of previous no-cost or liquidation extension requests--will have their award extended to 12/31/21.

We apologize for this late-breaking change in policy, and to grantees who have done the hard work of submitting a previous no-cost extension. We hope this change in policy will reduce the workload on already overburdened Title VI directors and improve services to the elders.

Transportation Quick Guide Now Available— February 13, 2020

The Transportation Quick Guide is intended to be used as an initial resource for general information pertaining to Title VI transportation, additional funding opportunities, technical assistance, and helpful guides and toolkits.  View or download the Transportation Quick Guide here.