Updated Policy for Large Purchase Requests

Equipment purchases exceeding $5,000 must receive prior approval from ACL prior to purchase. Find Guidance for Large Purchase Request with ACL/AoA Title VI Grant Funds here.

PPR Update

The Title VI PPR is changing.  Here 's what you need to know.  Download the PPR Update here

PPR Old v. New for Printing

Compare the old PPR (2019 & Prior Reporting Periods) to the new PPR (2020 & Future Reporting Periods) to see how things have changed.  Download the document here

New Program Reporting Form & System for 2020-2023 Title VI Grants

ACL has been working on a new data system with features to help Title VI programs review and manage their own data, and allow programs to have more access to their data.

- OAAPS is a new web-based reporting system that will be required for use for Title VI grants beginning 4/1/2021. Check it out here:
- New PPR form (OMB 0985-0007) with new service unit definitions required for use with Title VI grant period beginning 4/1/2020. Download the new form and instructions here.

Last modified Feb 10, 2020