2020 Cluster Trainings

Red Lake, MN · March 3-5, 2020


2020 Cluster Training Presentations

Red Lake, MN · March 3-5, 2020

Title VI Monitoring Tool
          Presented by Jasmine Aplin
Title VI Monitoring Template
          Presented by Jasmine Aplin
Title VI Grant Administration
          Presented by Jasmine Aplin

Track 1 - Medicaid Billing
Long Term Care and Supportive Services
          Presented by Elaina Seep
Title VI and Medicaid Waivers
          Presented by Elaina Seep
Tribes Serving Tribal People
          Presented by Elaina Seep
Federal Provisions for Tribes
          Presented by Elaina Seep
Billing for Tribal Services and Long Term Care
          Presented by Elaina Seep
Tribal Long-Term Care:  Engaging Leadership in Building LTSS Programs
          Presented by Elaina Seep
Tribal LTSS Program Readiness Assessment
          Presented by Elaina Seep
Tribal Sovereignty in Healthcare:  Partnerships with State Agencies
          Presented by Elaina Seep

Track 2 - Title VI Topics
Title VI of the Older Americans Act
          Presented by Amy Wiatr-Rodriguez
Using Title VI, Part C, to Support Informal Caregivers
          Presented by Jasmine Aplin and Amy Wiatr-Rodriguez
OAA Title VI and III Working Together
          Presented by Leonard Geshick
Title III and VI Working Together
          Presented by Mary Wolf
OAA Title III and Title VI Panel
          Presented by Cheryl Hennen
Money Follows the Person:  Red Lake Nation
          Presented by John Anderson and Chery Goodwin
Model Tribal Elder Abuse Codes
          Presented by Dr. Jacque Gray
National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative Resources
          Presented by Maylynn Warne



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