Title VI Welcome Letter

Title VI Welcome Letter (PDF)

The Title VI Welcome Letter is intended for both new and experienced Title VI Directors and staff, as it can be used as both an introduction to the Title VI program, as well as an ongoing tool and resource for daily use.  The letter covers Title VI Grants, Tribal MIPPA Grants, the Title VI Resource Manual and Quick Guides, Title VI Training, and the On-Farm Market Directory project.  Please contact us if you would prefer a copy of the Title VI Welcome Packet, which contains all of the external, linked documents in the letter, but in one file.

Spending Quick Guide

Spending Quick Guide (PDF)

The purpose of this guide is to help identify the many different ways that Title VI and COVID-19 grants may be used to support Title VI programs by providing an easy to use, searchable list of some of the most common expenditures found in Title VI operations.

Veterans Quick Guide

Veterans Quick Guide (PDF)

The Veterans Quick Guide provides important links, phone numbers, and general information about the main services offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The guide also lists numerous tribal governments that might offer additional support for veterans and provides direct links to their respective contacts and websites.

Transportation Quick Guide

Transportation Quick Guide (PDF)

The Transportation Quick Guide is intended to be used as an initial resource for general information pertaining to Title VI transportation, additional funding opportunities, technical assistance, and helpful guides and toolkits.

Finding and Applying to Grants Toolkit

Finding and Applying to Grants Toolkit (PDF)

The Finding and Applying to Grants toolkit is a comprehensive document that will help promans identify and determine which grants they should apply to, where to find them and how to apply.

Title VI Resource Manual

Title VI Resource Manual (PDF)

The Title VI resource manual is a comprehensive document that new Title VI directors will find invaluable, and experienced Title VI directors will turn to time and again as a trusted resource. Topics covered in detail in the manual include the Older Americans Act, program requirements, program management, program accountability, and much, much more. Long-Term Supports and Services: the Tribal Path to Medicaid Billing Coming soon!